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Photography Guidelines

Before uploading a photo, please check to see if there's already one similar to it on the site. The aim is to get a broad selection of photos of as many different beaches as possible - we don't want a hundred identikit picture postcard images of the most popular. If we get too many similar photos of the same beach, then they'll simply be rejected.

Ideally, we want photos that illustrate the beach - photos that will give other people an idea of what to expect if they've never been to the beach themselves. That means primarily photos of the beach itself, plus things that you can see on and around the beach - boats, wildlife, promenade scenes, etc.

Please be considerate of other people when taking photographs. Although a beach is a public place and you are perfectly entitled to take photographs there, for practical reasons you should avoid taking photographs of people without their knowledge and permission unless they merely form part of the backdrop to an image. In particular, please follow these rules:

Submission Guidelines

We also ask that you make sure that your photos meet a few basic requirements for submission to the website.

  1. Make sure that your photo is correctly oriented, with the sky at the top! It's surprising how many we get that have to be rejected because the photo is on its side, or even upside down.
  2. Don't overdo it with Photoshop. Basic tweaks to a photo (eg, getting the colour balance right) are fine, but don't use any visible effects.
  3. If you must include a watermark, keep it discreet. A small watermark advertising your website is OK, provided that it consists of nothing more than a single, small line of text at the bottom of the image. Anything larger, or that obscures the main subject of the photo, will be rejected.
  4. Don't add any border to the photo.
  5. If you're submitting an old photo scanned from a print or slide, crop it so that there is no border.
  6. Don't submit old photos scanned from books. Apart from the risk of infringing copyright, images that are scans of anything other than a flat print will look awful.

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